Saturday, February 21, 2015

A Short Bio

Brenda Kay is a 30-something work-at-home mom of three who is passionate about her family, her Savior, and other mothers. She believes in the importance of taking time to enjoy the quiet moments of life that are often missed in the daily hustle and bustle.

As a single mom, student of all things natural and holistic, business owner and provider for her little family, she knows all to well how busy life can be. In her own journey to find healing and balance she enrolled at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts to pursue an associates degree in Holistic Healthcare. Her areas of study include aromatherapy, cranial unwinding and massage therapy. Equipped with these amazing tools she is on a mission to help other mothers achieve their own centers of calm and healing in the midst of chaos.

This blog is a place to share the knowledge she has gleaned over the years, and inspire other moms to better care for themselves so they can take better care of their families.